Spectacular Magic & Illusion from the UK's top magician & illusionist Shahid Malik.
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Death-defying high level Escape Stunts

Daring exploits, record breaking feats of danger.
Tension filled dramatic edge-of-the-seat spectacle!

Shahid is regarded as one the finest Escape Artistes in the world. In an age when much of what we are shown in the media in the world of Magic, Illusion & Escapology is staged and not genuine (what you see on the screen is not what you would see in real life), Shahid’s speciality of high-level Escapes from cranes and helicopters, hanging from burning ropes or over a Lion’s Den genuinely leaves nothing to the imagination. What you see is for real…and very, very dangerous.

Countless TV appearances worldwide and an almost magnetic attraction for PR and media events.
Shahid currently holds 3 World Records for his Escape Stunts, including ‘The Highest Escape in the World’, at 1,800ft – escaping from a Prison Regulation Strait Jacket whilst suspended upside down beneath a helicopter.

He has featured in his own TV Special for Channel 4 in the UK exploring his life as an Illusionist & Escape Artiste.

Shahid has hung from helicopters higher in the air & escaped faster than any other Escape Artiste in the world. There can be no doubt why Shahid Malik is the man they call ‘The New Houdini’.

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